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I had an amazing time at the Northern User Experience (NUX) conference in Manchester last week.

Around 600 UX'ers met at the Royal Northern College of Music for a day of talks and I was honoured to be asked to present my thoughts on user centred photography.

My annotated slides are now available on Slideshare.

Photos as web content’ is a useful article covering some salient points with regards to photos and usability from Jakob Nielsen.

In the article Jakob discusses using real people vs stock, product photos , photo size and critically the importance of using photos that ‘carry information’.

That final point is so important and is what you can ensure by taking a more strategic approach to planning & evaluating your photos.

Once you understand what tasks people are trying to complete when they use your site you can provide them with photos that help them, it really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Photos of real people (not shiny models) are important for believable persona profiles. You can add extra context to your personas by adding photos to illustrate other aspects of their lives like their working environments too.

In this short video I talk a little bit more about this and show how a photo came together that I used to illustrate the personas chapter in my ’Smashing UX Design’ book.

Interesting to see the impact that improving the photos on airbnb had on weekly revenue!

How AirBNB started

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